Ok... so I am losing my blog post virginity.  Hello to all those people who do not even know this blog exists at this point in time.  I am going to go ahead and tell all of you people what this blog is all about. 

Essentially, right now this blog is the epitome of the concept of something from nothing.  Right now this blog is nothing, no readers, no followers, and no one who cares whatsoever rather or not this ever becomes something.  

That is the story of life as we know it.  No matter what your belief system... we all agree on one primary point, all this stuff came from nothing.  Rather it be a creator who spoke our earth into existence or a bunch of chemicals that combined and exploded to produce the beginning of our beloved planet, basically every theory on the beginning of our existence revolves around the fact that it all this something came from nothing.  

If you keep this concept in mind, you will have an idea of where this blog is going and just what it is all about.  I want this blog to be somewhere that has no central theme, no common topic, and no limitations.  I want this blog to be a place where nothing becomes appreciated for everything that it encompasses.  I want you the reader to laugh, I want you to be intrigued, I want you to enjoy this journey that we are all on, and most importantly I want you to be INVOLVED.  

I mean it when I say I want you to be involved! I do not know any of the tricks about this blogging process, and honestly I have not really read many blogs.  I am always open to any suggestions or ideas that you the reader have.  I do not know much about blogs, but the one thing I do know is that without an active following, a blog is nothing more than a diary... and quite frankly I am not into diaries.  

If you the reader ever want to be an author or post something, or anything like that, I am completely open to that...I have no idea how the process works, but I am sure that someone can explain that to me.  

So... here we go, let's see just how fast we can turn this Nothing into Something!

Feel free to contact me at anytime through email at somethingfromnothing09@gmail.com.  I would love to talk to anyone about anything.